About “Theme Park”

Here are some of my thoughts about the new series.

The work has an unfinished look like my past work.

I feel it gives the paintings a translucent quality that reveals the layers of growth bereath The garish palette that I used comes from my own experiences with these gatherings.

I mean to suggest motion and excitement and disorientation and nostalgia.

Any text has been left unfinished. See above.

There are no plants or animals save Octopuses in any of the paintings.

Octopuses are portrayed as tethered to machines that humans developed as amusement devices.

Humans have suggested that Octopuses are a biological mystery and perhaps alien to the planet earth.

It is understood that they are aquatic and therefore their inclusion in a terrestrial theme park is absurd.

I have not overtly suggested how they have found themselves in this situation.

I am not suggesting that these absurdities are positive or negative nor suggesting that the nostalgia surrounding communal displays of effort and liminality are positive or negative.

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